Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Team Update

Written by Hannah

Monday night when we got back from downtown, we had a worship service at the school. We sang some songs and just had an awesome time worshiping the Lord. After worship service, we had a church group devotion that was led by Amanda. We had about thirty minutes of free time after that. We knew that Tuesday we were going to start the work for the  church so everybody was pretty excited about that.
When we got to Living Waters on Tuesday we talked with Pastor Mike about his experience planting the church and then we went and handed out flyers for the church. We got a chance to talk to a few people and we invited them to Living Waters. Some of the people that were walking didn't want to talk to us, but some listened to what we had to say. I'm glad that we got to talk to a few people about the church and I hope they come out to Living Waters church. Today we are going back to the church to help with a car wash. While people are waiting to get their cars washed we are going to get a chance to talk to them and share about God. Please pray that we are able to lead people to Christ while doing something as simple as a car wash.

Written by Christian

Things are going very well here! Our team is doing great. Yesterday it was pouring, which limited the work we could do in the community, but that didn't stop the teens. Despite the rain, all they wanted to do was get out and meet the community and deliver fliers. They never hesitated to talk with anyone and even looked for opportunities. I was so proud of them. Days are long, but they are doing very well and working very well together. It is a joy serving with them!  I apologize for the delay in posts, but as Laura mentioned in her post, getting internet is a struggle here so we are at the mercy of the P2 staff allowing us to graciously use their only internet connection.
Also: feel free to post comments to the team at the end of any of our blog entries!! We will be sure to share those comments with the teens. I know they would LOVE to get some encouraging words from home (whether it be family, church family, friends, etc.).

Listening to Pastor Mike

Praying with Pastor Alonso in and for North Philly(Pictured: Blake, Hannah, Amanda, Mckenna)

Praying with Pastor Alonso in and for North Philly (Pictured L-R): Laura, Bryant, Christian R, Mark, Hannah)

Passing Out Church Fliers in Neighborhood

Passing Out Fliers in Neighborhood

Passing out fliers in neighborhood

Sharing and talking with a man in neighborhood.

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  1. It so awesome to see youth so dedicated to serving the Lord and to see how God is using you all to spread the gospel. We are praying for you and the other youth groups that are there with you.

    Montie & Dadder